Pelltinel - Intelligent Microplastic Detection

About the Client

Any company along the plastics value chain: producers, transformers, logistics, transport or recycling. Everyone within the industry is responsible for protecting the environment.

The Challenge

Plastic pellets serve as the raw material for creating different plastic products. However, due to their small size, they often escape during their life cycle, contributing to plastic pollution. As a member of the Operation Clean Sweep initiative, many companies strive for zero pellet loss at their industrial complexes and want to collaborate on innovative projects which can help them to reach this goal.

Our Solution

Introducing Pelltinel - an intelligent digital product which operates 24/7. Through the use of advanced technologies such as computer vision and real-time remote monitoring, Pelltinel is able to detect, monitor and measure the presence of pellets within sites along the plastics value chain. Workers at complexes are able to quickly and accurately localise any microplastic losses (whether during their production, handling, storage, conversion or recycling stage) and implement any necessary measures for their mitigation and the prevention of future incidents.

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Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.


Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.
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