Adif - Obstacle Detection at Railway Level Crossings

About the Client

Adif is the Railway Infrastructure Manager in Spain.

The Challenge

Despite strict controls, educational programs and signs, many people still choose to take the risk and cross the track at railway crossings when a train is approaching, putting themselves and others in danger. MERASYS took on the challenge to come up with a solution which would help in preventing accidents at level crossings across Spain.

Our Solution

Thanks to Computer Vision and Real-Time Remote Monitoring technologies, MERASYS is able to offer a technological system which detects many different obstacles such as vehicles, pedestrians and even animals. Train operators are alerted if there is a potentially dangerous situation which will alow them to make decisions to prevent any accidents, which will protect both rail and road traffic.


Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.


Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.
Financiado por el Programa Kit Digital. Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia de España «Next Generation EU»
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