MERASYS's core focus within the Health Sector is the application of artificial intelligence tools to the analysis and processing of medical images. We recognise the enormous potential for growth in this sector and our goal is to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.
OUR GOALS are to:
  • Generate technological solutions that interact with health professionals when making decisions
  • Promote and participate in initiatives that have a positive impact on health
  • Contribute to the transformation of the health sector by applying our knowledge and technology to improve patient care
We design and develop intelligent platforms based on:

Artificial Intelligence
Convolutional Neural Networks
Image Processing via Computer Vision

with the aim of providing diagnostic support in pathological anatomy, radiology, etcetera.

Current Projects

SMARTObA applies AI to medical images, creating an automatic detection algorithm which can seamlessly complement the work flow of professional clinicians. Images provided by INIBIC (Biomedical Research Insitute of A Coruña) are used to train these algorithms in order to identify characteristics of rheumatic pathology and to achieve a reliable diagnosis.

CADDIO -  Computer Aided Diagnosis - Digital Interpretation of Electrocardiograms. The digitalisation of electrocardiograms to improve the presencial efficiency of patients with cardiovascular illnesses.

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Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.


Discover how MERASYS is helping industries to move into the future.


Financiado por el Programa Kit Digital. Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia de España «Next Generation EU»
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