diciembre 14, 2023


This past week, some of the Pelltinel team attended the United Nations' Climate Change Conference in Dubai, UAE. The event brought together global leaders, educators, innovators and all those invested in addressing the issues of climate change.

At MERASYS, we are committed to sustainability which is why we headed to the COP28, which provided an ideal platform to showcase how technology can be harnessed as a powerful tool in the battle against climate change. We had the opportunity to learn from a number of experts who spoke about global Net Zero goals, Climate Financing, Energy Transition and of course the role Technology and Innovation plays in tackling environmental challenges. It was truly insightful to see how countries, associations and companies are developing new, innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

As we reflect on our participation, MERASYS and Pelltinel remain steadfast in our commitment to being a positive force for change. We will continue working hard on our journey towards a greener future and a more sustainable industry.

Our industry, our world. Be sustainable.

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