octubre 18, 2023


Official OCS Supporters

We are delighted to announce that Pelltinel is officially participating in Operation Clean Sweep® as a supporter.

As an OCS Supporter, our role is to encourage other entities to participate in the initiative, educate others on the importance of OCS and provide solutions that are aimed towards zero pellet loss. Even companies that do not directly handle plastic pellets should be involved in the cause!

Operation Clean Sweep® is an international program designed to encourage all companies across the plastics value chain to implement practices to prevent granule loss (pellets, flakes and powder) and their release into the environment.

We are supporting this initiative by sharing Pelltinel - a digital solution which uses computer vision to detect, monitor and measure plastic pellet spills at different points along the entire plastics value chain. From floating devices to detect pellets in water to mobile apps for workers to take photos, Pelltinel offers flexible solutions that collect data to inform companies of any uncontrolled pellets. With this information, they can identify recurring problems and take swift actions to prevent future incidents or losses.

The MERASYS and Pelltinel team encourage you to join the change!
Because it's our industry, our world. Be sustainable.

Find us on the list here >> OCS Supporters 



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