junio 13, 2023


On Wednesday 7th June, Merasys had the privilege of participating in the Operation Clean Sweep Showtour held at the Katoen Natie installations in La Canonja, Tarragona. This event, organised by ANAIP (Spanish Plastics Industry Association), AEQT (Chemical Industry Association of Tarragona), and Plastics Europe, aimed to promote sustainable practices to reduce plastic pellet loss in the environment. With over 100 attendees, the event provided an excellent opportunity to explore innovative solutions and raise awareness about unintentional pellet loss.

Merasys was honored to showcase Pelltinel, an intelligent microplastic detection solution based on cutting-edge computer vision technologies. The enthusiastic response and interest shown by industry leaders demonstrated their shared commitment to preventing pellet loss and protecting our environment. Pelltinel represents a significant step forward in addressing this critical issue.

The event also featured insightful talks from industry experts who shared their experiences and knowledge. Geert Van Kerckhove, General Manager of Katoen Natie Ibérica, Juan Ruiz, Responsible for Public Matters and Sustainability at Plastics Europe, Mónica de la Cruz, Quality Director at ANAIP, Ricardo Pascual, Business Development Manager at AENOR, and Pilar González, Environmental Manager at UBE Corporation Europe, all offered valuable perspectives on the importance of sustainable practices at the various stages of the plastics value chain.

Events like the Operation Clean Sweep Showtour provide an invaluable platform for learning from one another and promoting awareness. The enthusiastic participation of attendees and the exchange of ideas contribute to a collective effort in our industry to protect the environment.

Merasys extends its heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to present Pelltinel at the Operation Clean Sweep Showtour. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions that address the challenges of plastic pellet loss. Together, we can make a difference and create a sustainable future for our industry and our planet. Join us in our mission to protect our world – it's our responsibility.

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