septiembre 5, 2021

The Tecnolóxicas project fights against gender gap in the technological sector

Tecnolóxicas Project

On September 2021, Asime and Pontevedra’s Council presented the Tecnolóxicas project, an initiative created for impulsing women’s role in the technologic area.

It’s a unique and innovating project on industry and corporate standards that answers to the current necessities of women’s integration in the job market.

According to Enrique Mallón, General director of Asime, "for the first time, we’re going to generate a real change that will unite the authentic needs of the companies with women’s formation in a way where a real insertion on the technologic labour pool is being produced.".

Lorena Rosende, spokesperson of the association, Itera Group’s CEO and developer of this business endeavor, explained that "we’re always left on the margin: a meeting, an engineer that tells her experience on the insitute... But we always lacked that extra step of engagement from all the rest of the agents. But now, we’re going to take on staff, and we’re going to create real technologic feminine models and we’ll make Galicia the vanguard on the fight against gender’s wage gap, we also shall support a culture based on talents that won’t look sideways at women’s opinions."

As well, Pontevedra’s Council president, Carmela Silva, was enthusiastic about the project that she deemed as something "very powerful" and exclaimed again her concern for the scarce enrollment of women in technical courses and degrees,plus the low rates of labor insertion when it comes to feminine profesionals in the technological sector (It’s only 27.5% at present-day).

Formation, creation of feminine role models and support of projects developed by women.

This project consists of 3 basis. First of all,we expect that 100+ women shall be on specific training according to Tecnolóxicas’ project so they’re able to do paid internships for 6 months minimum. They will also be mentored and accompanied by the participants in their profesional course.

Secondly, there will be a promoter to impulse technological projects focused on the female market.

Last (but not least), We’ll contribute in making local feminine role models so other women may also feel identified, either by being part of their community,by being the CEOs of their city’s company, by having a common acquaintance, et cetera.

Financiado por el Programa Kit Digital. Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia de España «Next Generation EU»
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