Advanced Systems of
Artificial Intelligence



Detection of Exterior Quality Flaws in Automobile Production Lines


Smart Sensors and Digital Twins applied to Pedestrian Mobility


Stand Alone Water Inspection Device


Computer Aided Diagnosis


Merasys participates in the Mindtech fair in Vigo

Merasys participates in the Mindtech fair in Vigo

From yesterday, Tuesday 14th and until tomorrow 16th, Merasys will be present at the reference fair of the industrial sector in the Iberian Pole (Spain, Portugal and Morocco). The Metal Industry and Technologies International Trade Fair (Mindtech) is a biannual fair...

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Company Overview

Remarkably capable installations provided with systems of artificial neural networks will soon be commonplace in the real world.


Vigo, SPAIN + Tanger, MOROCCO

MERASYS is working towards this future through the development and installation of platforms with advanced systems of machine learning. We are providing cutting edge technology and solutions to our customers and quickly becoming a recognized leader both in emerging industries from industrial applications to logistics and Smart Cities or Smart Grids.